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March 2018 (8 months away…)

Raspberry Foundation had  a quick temper to announce the date of 8 months away. But, easy, it must come faster than we are expecting. This is about a big birthday party for Raspberry Pi on the first weekend of March 2018.

Hey, we should do something, big one! The date has fixed. Please save the date, on Sunday, 4th of March 2018.


On 2012, Raspberry Pi was born and turns into six next year.  5th birthday party was pretty big and they seem decided to make it bigger and globally next year! and I believe that's why they made such an early announcement.  They call user events as Raspberry Jam and are willing to make the movement spread worldwide.

(I joined the Raspberry Jam Slack team and have learned over 100 was showing interest to have local events.)

I will make the Raspberry Jam in Hamamatsu including Scratch Day and micro:bit gathering. Calling Kids in my classes and their family and it will be like 300 of people will join. Show & tell and kiosks by kids will be available.

The venue is tentative.  Please save the date and expect further details.


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