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What is Code2Create.Club?

What is Code2Create.Club??
— A delightful club to code to create something (anything) wonderful.

Let's code. Start it up from coding, tinkering, and hacking.

For three years, I've been doing assistance in some locations for young learners to code, and just decided to have one cyber-base on the Internet and named it as Code2Create.Club, which purpose is to collect, sort and organize the resources to make its own activities sustainable, valuable and live-long-and-prosper.

The mission is "fueling creativity."

OK, then why "coding" in place of "programming"?  This is a long story so please read it in the following pages. (Under construction…)

Code2Create.Club as a website

(If you are on the phablet, please check the top right Menu)

We've just started the site and wish to run it like following:

To public

  • To be a good coding/robotics resource around Scratch / Raspberry Pi
  • Introducing activities we are doing as Code2Create.Club at several locations

For registered members

  • Documents and announcements for learners in each class
  • Additional home learning resources

Learners in our classes, please register.

> to the User registration. You have to wait for our approval.


Code2Create.Club is managed by Naohiro Tsuji (Facebook), and/or SoniVis Corporation. Hamamatsu IT Kids Project, IT Robot School, Kids Techno Club, Hamamatsu International School, and Rental Studio Primbell are not responsible regarding this website, please tell us if you have any misgivings or worries about operations in class or website.