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Hello world! or LED blinky!

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We've just started the site and wish to run it like following:

To public

  • To be a good coding/robotics resource around Scratch / Raspberry Pi
  • Introducing activities we are doing as Code2Create.Club at several locations

For registered members

  • Documents and announcements for learners in each class
  • Home learning resources

Learners in our classes, please register.

> to the User registration. You have to wait for our approval.

"Hello world!" is the very first step of programming or coding. Even displaying some words on the screen requires tiresome preparations. So it means "ok I'm ready to rock'n roll."

"LED blinky or blinks" is "hello world" of electronics or robotics.

Don't be satisfied at the first step, but the one small step is the giant leap to the future.


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